What is Proyecto Creer/Project Believe?

Proyecto Creer/Project Believe is a FREE program that helps create resilience in gay, bi, questioning and discreet men, ages 12-25. This is a prevention program that helps teens and young adults set and achieve goals in order to prevent drug and alcohol use, as well as new HIV infections. Proyecto Creer/Project Believe is a safe space that encourages youth to make healthy life decisions.  


What does Proyecto Creer/Project believe Offer?

  • 7-weekly 1-hour individual counseling sessions for young adults over 18 years old using CLEAR. 
  • 12-weekly 1-hour group counseling sessions for teens under 18 years of age using Seeking Safety. 
  • Develop skills to set and achieve short term and long-term life goals. 
  • Hepatitis B and C testing
  • HIV testing and treatment. 
  • Condoms and Lubricant.
  • Opportunities to participant in jiu-jitsu and yoga classes.
  • Everyone who participates receives a total of $30 in gift cards for completing their interview packets.

How much does Proyecto Creer/Project Believe?

Proyecto Creer/ Project Believe programming and services are FREE for all participants, regardless of immigration status.