Proyecto Nuevo Día/Project New Day (PND)

PND is a FREE program that helps prevent drug and alcohol use among youth who are between 13-17 years old. This program is aimed at youth who have never done, are thinking of using, or are already experimenting with, drugs and/or alcohol. All are welcome, including Latino/as, African Americans, and LGBTQ individuals. This program also provides prevention and treatment for HIV and viral hepatitis. PND is offered to everyone, regardless of legal status.

PND includes 12 weeks of Seeking Safety group sessions and case management. In addition to group counseling, PND also provides:

• 12 weeks of group counseling
• Activities such as self-defense classes and yoga
• Sexual health education
• HIV testing and treatment
• Hepatitis B and C testing & hepatitis A and B vaccination
• Parenting classes for participants’ parents (also available in Spanish)

For their participation in PND, all participants enrolled will receive a total of $30 in gift cards for completing their interview packets at exit at 3 months ($10) and 3 months after finishing the program ($20).