Proyecto Buena Vida/Project Good Life (PBV/PGL)

PBV/PGL is a 24-week (6-month) program that consists of two phases. Phase 1 includes 12 weeks of counseling for substance abuse and/or mental health disorders using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Phase 1 also includes:

• HIV screening and referral to treatment
• Hepatitis screening and referral to treatment
• Hepatitis vaccination

CBT includes short- and long-term goal development and implementation. Weekly group and/or family sessions are held during the same week as individual session. PBV/PGL case management focuses on crisis management and linkage to auxiliary support services, including: seeking permanent housing, job skills and job placement, GED completion, ESL support, and LGBTQ support services.

Phase 2 includes:

• 12 weeks of counseling using the Evidence-Based Model Assertive Continuing Care Protocol/Community Reinforcement Approach (ACC/CRA).

ACC/CRA is a behaviorally-based intervention that seeks to increase the positive, pro-social day-to-day activities of alcohol and drug abusing adults.

In addition, participants will be given a total of $30 in gift cards for their successful participation in PBV/PGL. Participants will receive a $10 gift card at intake and $20 gift card at the completion of the program.